Ten steps to changing Government

Way back in the mid 1990s, I remember meeting two American guys, Ted Gaebler and David Osborne, who had written a book called Reinventing Government. The book was picked up big time by those charged with changing things here in the UK. Gaebler and Osborne attracted loads of interest and spawned many implementations across the… Read more

Dancing to that old tune called Austerity

the key to a successful engagement

So George delivered his first solo budget. Most was well trailed in the press so there really were no real surprises apart from the living wage. All seemed well on track with the economy as he predicted. But what lies behind the headlines and what does it mean for public services and those who work… Read more

The sun sets on civil service numbers

So it looks like the National Audit Office (NAO) says Whitehall has not properly planned the cuts to civil service staffing numbers. Is this a surprise to you? And in what way was it not planned properly? Well, the NAO says 90,000 jobs were cut between 2010 and 2014, saving more than £2bn annually. But… Read more