The rise (and some may say fall) of the public sector

Rise and fall of the public sector

The public service part of our economy touches every part of our lives, from the emptying of our bins at a local level, the defence of our realm on a global stage, the social services provided to the most vulnerable, through to open heart surgery and assurance of the cleanliness of the restaurants we eat… Read more

How to Survive Austerity has arrived!

My review copies of How to Survive Austerity arrived this week. I’ve been very excited to see the finished version of my first book after what felt like a few flurried months of writing and editing. There was something quite exhilarating about opening the box and discovering new, crisp, unopened books – and a book that I’ve… Read more

What now for public sector managers?

Public sector managers are the backbone of public service delivery but they now face the greatest challenge of their career because of the driving cuts and planned austerity measures. The recent push by government to implement austerity across the UK has involved reducing the scale and scope of public services. The election of a new… Read more

Giving a voice to the people behind our public services

I recently read a great article on the Guardian ‘For many library visitors, I’m the only person they’ve talked to all day’. It’s part of a series which aims to give a voice to the staff behind our public services and talk about the impact austerity is having on them. A great platform for those… Read more

Cherish or perish – the seven steps to survival

At the end of my last blog post, I said that the key to surviving the impending changes across public services is to present your service in the best way, ensure everyone understands what you do, how much it costs and why they should ‘CHERISH’ your service. CHERISH is a seven-step programme that can be… Read more

A New Public Sector Rises from the Ashes of Austerity

The pressure on public service finances is severe, some would say unprecedented. Clearly public services can’t continue as the are. And all because of this thing we call austerity. In my last blog post I talked about my new book How to Survive Austerity: A Manager’s Guide to Doing More With Less and Emerging as… Read more