The harsh reality of health and social care

Health and social care

It’s starting to feel like a long, drawn out breakup. Everyone knows it isn’t working but no-one wants to admit that there just isn’t a solution to the problem. If it was a break up it would go a bit like this: “I have to be open and honest with you and say what we’ve… Read more

Watch Mike Gill’s interview with Clarity TV

Mike Gill was recently interviewed by Clarity TV, part of the channel’s Interviews of Distinction series, about his book How to Survive Austerity. Find out more about Mike’s experience in the public sector, why he wrote the book and which four people from history he’d invite to a dinner party. How to Survive Austerity: A… Read more

Why we don’t always need to think big

The world has never changed so fast and the public sector is far from exempt from such change. The needs of the general public, the economy, technological advances and new ways of working have all changed the shape and scope of the public sector over the past few years. Static is no longer an option… Read more