Are you ready to be cherished?

Are you ready to be cherished

If you’ve been following my blog over the last few weeks (well done – I’m glad you’re still with me) you’ll have read about the importance of being cherished – particularly for those of you who work within public services as the sector continues to face huge challenges and unprecedented cuts. Here’s my previous CHERISH… Read more

The changing scope of public services

Changing scope of public services

Many would argue that the scope of public services has altered radically from the vision shared by the architects of the welfare state in Britain. The benefits provided by the National Assistance Scheme were envisaged as a support to be called on in extremis, not as an entitlement that absolves the individual of any personal… Read more

What can we expect from this week’s Budget?

Prediction for the budget

The words of Radiohead’s song ‘No Surprises’ may prove to be a good predictor of Wednesday’s Budget. “A heart that’s full up like a landfill; A job that slowly kills you; Bruises that won’t heal” …… but please don’t take any of the other lyrics literally. Anyone actually listening to what George Osborne said on… Read more

How great is the threat we face?

How great is the threat we face

As I was finishing writing How to Survive Austerity (which is now available to buy on Amazon), the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, had just delivered the conclusions of the 2015 Spending Review. So as local authorities up and down the country prepare to deliver budgets for the next financial year, it seemed timely to… Read more

The rise (and some may say fall) of the public sector

Rise and fall of the public sector

The public service part of our economy touches every part of our lives, from the emptying of our bins at a local level, the defence of our realm on a global stage, the social services provided to the most vulnerable, through to open heart surgery and assurance of the cleanliness of the restaurants we eat… Read more

How to Survive Austerity has arrived!

My review copies of How to Survive Austerity arrived this week. I’ve been very excited to see the finished version of my first book after what felt like a few flurried months of writing and editing. There was something quite exhilarating about opening the box and discovering new, crisp, unopened books – and a book that I’ve… Read more

What now for public sector managers?

Public sector managers are the backbone of public service delivery but they now face the greatest challenge of their career because of the driving cuts and planned austerity measures. The recent push by government to implement austerity across the UK has involved reducing the scale and scope of public services. The election of a new… Read more

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