Giving a voice to the people behind our public services

I recently read a great article on the Guardian ‘For many library visitors, I’m the only person they’ve talked to all day’. It’s part of a series which aims to give a voice to the staff behind our public services and talk about the impact austerity is having on them. A great platform for those… Read more

Cherish or perish – the seven steps to survival

At the end of my last blog post, I said that the key to surviving the impending changes across public services is to present your service in the best way, ensure everyone understands what you do, how much it costs and why they should ‘CHERISH’ your service. CHERISH is a seven-step programme that can be… Read more

A New Public Sector Rises from the Ashes of Austerity

The pressure on public service finances is severe, some would say unprecedented. Clearly public services can’t continue as the are. And all because of this thing we call austerity. In my last blog post I talked about my new book How to Survive Austerity: A Manager’s Guide to Doing More With Less and Emerging as… Read more

Surviving Austerity in the New Public Sector

I’ve been called many things throughout my life, and throughout my career, but to date an author is not one of them. That is until now…Even referring to myself as an author seems a little strange and I think it will take some time to get used to. But with my first book out in… Read more

Chancellor George Osbourne makes further budget cuts: part 2

Following on from yesterday’s blog, part two covers departments where decisions have been made and how these decisions will affect our Public Services. Health – protected from cuts Annual budget: £116.6bn Increase since 2010: 7.3% Where 2010-2015 increases went: Health is a protected department. The government pledged to increase funding for the NHS in England,… Read more

Chancellor George Osbourne makes further budget cuts: part 1

So what does this mean for Public Services? The week ahead is a critical one for Chancellor George Osborne and public services finances. Departments are facing another round of budget cuts in Mr Osborne’s spending review due out next week. Several departments have already agreed the extent of cuts but others are still to settle…. Read more

Ten steps to changing Government

Way back in the mid 1990s, I remember meeting two American guys, Ted Gaebler and David Osborne, who had written a book called Reinventing Government. The book was picked up big time by those charged with changing things here in the UK. Gaebler and Osborne attracted loads of interest and spawned many implementations across the… Read more

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