Dancing to that old tune called Austerity

the key to a successful engagement

So George delivered his first solo budget. Most was well trailed in the press so there really were no real surprises apart from the living wage. All seemed well on track with the economy as he predicted. But what lies behind the headlines and what does it mean for public services and those who work… Read more

The sun sets on civil service numbers

So it looks like the National Audit Office (NAO) says Whitehall has not properly planned the cuts to civil service staffing numbers. Is this a surprise to you? And in what way was it not planned properly? Well, the NAO says 90,000 jobs were cut between 2010 and 2014, saving more than £2bn annually. But… Read more

What’s really happening to public services?

Meanwhile, down at NHS HQ (although it seems to have many HQs these days), GPs, pharmacists and dentists are all a little worried. As private sector contractors (in case you didn’t realise) they’ve all been handed the “more for less please” note given to the rest of the public sector. There’s an ongoing contracts review… Read more

Aunt Austerity is coming to visit

Do you know all about austerity? You may have heard the term used in the media. But do you know what it means? Let’s use a Downton Abbey analogy to explain it. Like an embarrassing but infectiously addictive maiden aunt, Aunt Austerity (much beloved of BBC costume dramas), can be described as dangerous, necessary and… Read more

An ice-chill of austerity for public services

So NHS top dog, Simon Stevens, has unveiled his bold plan for The Next Five Years. And very sensible it seems. And hard. In fact, has there been a more challenging plan for the NHS in its history? That plan will also impact local and central government services too so it’s worth a quick read… Read more

Road-mapping NHS redesign

Is the NHS close to finalising a new forward plan that will create a clear roadmap? You’ve heard those words before but this time maybe it’s serious… All the NHS key stakeholders (patient groups, care professionals and national leadership) appear to be uniting behind this new “manifesto” ahead of an inevitably long trail towards May… Read more

Welcome to my blog

Mike Gill

So I decided to start blogging. So I asked The Wise Friend the question all newbie bloggers will surely ask: “What should my first post be about?” TWF gave me four key pointers as follows: Who am I? Why I am blogging? What I will be blogging about? Can readers contribute feedback? Who Am I?… Read more

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