Big bang ideas or back to basics?

Big bang ideas

You know the drill: new big bang ideas, techniques and processes are brought in with a big fanfare. Everyone rushes around doing loads of ‘stuff ’. The super-keen one amongst you all brush up the new jargon and new ways of behaving. And you start thinking about the best way to annoy those of your colleagues… Read more

Aunt Austerity isn’t back – she never went away

In one of my first blogs I described Aunt Austerity. Like an embarrassing but infectiously addictive maiden aunt, Aunt Austerity can be described as dangerous and necessary in equal measures. She’s the family member who has probably outstayed her welcome by now and even when she leaves, you know she’ll be back… Well as I… Read more

The key reasons for writing How to Survive Austerity

mike gill author

Since I published How to Survive Austerity earlier this year people have asked me why I decided to write a book so it seemed to be good fodder for a blog post… Over the course of my career, I have attained a great understanding of the nature of public services as well as the people… Read more

The end of austerity? I’d put the celebrations on ice

The end of austerity?

The new chancellor Philip Hammond has signalled a scaling back of austerity and it has been reported that the economy is now entering a “new phase”. But what does that mean for public sector spending – and does it also mean that I need to start penning my next book? I’d hold off any street… Read more

A problem shared…

shared services - mike gill

A recent article by David Walker in the Guardian looked at the chequered history of shared services and focused on former Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude’s legacy – which in short is not a great one. Essentially Maude hailed shared services as a means to avoid duplication and cuts, but as we know such an… Read more

Delivering the perfect pitch for survival

Delivering the perfect pitch for survival

Imagine the Coliseum in Ancient Rome, filled with a frenzied crowd. And imagine the Emperor seeking some direction from the spectators before he gives a ‘thumbs up/thumbs down’ to the gladiator before him. The common assumption is that ‘thumbs down’ means the gladiator must perish. Leaving aside the historical accuracy of that assumption, you want… Read more

Clarity – the first step to becoming cherished

Clarity the first step to being cherished

Clarity is something that really should be more commonplace than it is. Whether you work in the public, private or third sector, clarity will get you far. It’s also the first step to becoming CHERISHed. Quite simply, in all aspects of life, if you want people to genuinely care about something you have to firstly… Read more

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