The key reasons for writing How to Survive Austerity

mike gill author

Since I published How to Survive Austerity earlier this year people have asked me why I decided to write a book so it seemed to be good fodder for a blog post… Over the course of my career, I have attained a great understanding of the nature of public services as well as the people… Read more

How to Survive Austerity has arrived!

My review copies of How to Survive Austerity arrived this week. I’ve been very excited to see the finished version of my first book after what felt like a few flurried months of writing and editing. There was something quite exhilarating about opening the box and discovering new, crisp, unopened books – and a book that I’ve… Read more

Welcome to my blog

Mike Gill

So I decided to start blogging. So I asked The Wise Friend the question all newbie bloggers will surely ask: “What should my first post be about?” TWF gave me four key pointers as follows: Who am I? Why I am blogging? What I will be blogging about? Can readers contribute feedback? Who Am I?… Read more