How great is the threat we face?

How great is the threat we face

As I was finishing writing How to Survive Austerity (which is now available to buy on Amazon), the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, had just delivered the conclusions of the 2015 Spending Review. So as local authorities up and down the country prepare to deliver budgets for the next financial year, it seemed timely to… Read more

What’s really happening to public services?

Meanwhile, down at NHS HQ (although it seems to have many HQs these days), GPs, pharmacists and dentists are all a little worried. As private sector contractors (in case you didn’t realise) they’ve all been handed the “more for less please” note given to the rest of the public sector. There’s an ongoing contracts review… Read more

Road-mapping NHS redesign

Is the NHS close to finalising a new forward plan that will create a clear roadmap? You’ve heard those words before but this time maybe it’s serious… All the NHS key stakeholders (patient groups, care professionals and national leadership) appear to be uniting behind this new “manifesto” ahead of an inevitably long trail towards May… Read more