What does the future hold for the public sector?


Continued budget deficits, funding cuts, reduced resources…we are all aware that the public sector is going through a radical period of change. So what does the future hold for the new public sector? There is a key issue about innovation and doing things differently. And that ‘different’ comes at a much lower cost. So this… Read more

Is there enough innovation in the public sector?


Now let’s be honest. When many people (clearly not from the public sector), think about innovation in the workplace, new ways of thinking and new ways of doing things, the public sector doesn’t automatically spring to mind. But are they being a little unfair? At a time when the public sector is under pressure to deliver more… Read more

What’s your story – chapter 2

whats your story part 2

In the first part of my ‘What’s your story’ blog I talked about importance of storytelling. But how do you get your story across to your audiences – and ensure they react in the way you hope for? That can be quite a skill in business as much as it can be in your day to day life. Getting your… Read more

How to stand out from the crowd

stand out pitch mike gill

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, it’s vital that you get people to ‘cherish’ your service to maximise your chances of surviving austerity. To do this you need to present your service in the best way to stakeholders – this may be internal stakeholders, government or the public. You need to stand out from the crowd…. Read more

How much? Why you need to know the cost of austerity

‘How much does it cost’ must be one of the most used phrases in business, spanning both the public and private sectors. In fact, it’s a standard question we seem to constantly face in all walks of life. And for very good reason. With all the current austerity measures going on at the moment, and… Read more

A problem shared…

shared services - mike gill

A recent article by David Walker in the Guardian looked at the chequered history of shared services and focused on former Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude’s legacy – which in short is not a great one. Essentially Maude hailed shared services as a means to avoid duplication and cuts, but as we know such an… Read more

What do we really think of our public services?

What do we really think of public services

To help me write How to Survive Austerity I undertook a simple survey to help me gauge the views of a range of people on how they perceived our public services. I took a reasonable cross-section of roles and industry sectors for the purposes of developing a comparison model. All had more than ten years’… Read more

Define your service to the man on the Clapham omnibus

man on clapham omnibus survive austerity

Time (as it seems with everything these days) is of the essence. Austerity is banging on your door and you need to do something about it pretty sharpish. However, I appreciate it’s easier said than done in the public sector, where lead times tend to be measured in months (and that’s if you’re lucky). An important… Read more

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