Start your CHERISH journey – four tips to success

Start your cherish journey

In the second of my two part blog on starting your CHERISH journey, it’s important to gather your thoughts and ideas before embarking upon any programme of change. What are the outcomes you want to achieve and what does success look like? In my book How to Survive Austerity I take readers through the whole… Read more

How great is the threat we face?

How great is the threat we face

As I was finishing writing How to Survive Austerity (which is now available to buy on Amazon), the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, had just delivered the conclusions of the 2015 Spending Review. So as local authorities up and down the country prepare to deliver budgets for the next financial year, it seemed timely to… Read more

The rise (and some may say fall) of the public sector

Rise and fall of the public sector

The public service part of our economy touches every part of our lives, from the emptying of our bins at a local level, the defence of our realm on a global stage, the social services provided to the most vulnerable, through to open heart surgery and assurance of the cleanliness of the restaurants we eat… Read more

A New Public Sector Rises from the Ashes of Austerity

The pressure on public service finances is severe, some would say unprecedented. Clearly public services can’t continue as the are. And all because of this thing we call austerity. In my last blog post I talked about my new book How to Survive Austerity: A Manager’s Guide to Doing More With Less and Emerging as… Read more

Chancellor George Osbourne makes further budget cuts: part 2

Following on from yesterday’s blog, part two covers departments where decisions have been made and how these decisions will affect our Public Services. Health – protected from cuts Annual budget: £116.6bn Increase since 2010: 7.3% Where 2010-2015 increases went: Health is a protected department. The government pledged to increase funding for the NHS in England,… Read more

Chancellor George Osbourne makes further budget cuts: part 1

So what does this mean for Public Services? The week ahead is a critical one for Chancellor George Osborne and public services finances. Departments are facing another round of budget cuts in Mr Osborne’s spending review due out next week. Several departments have already agreed the extent of cuts but others are still to settle…. Read more

Ten steps to changing Government

Way back in the mid 1990s, I remember meeting two American guys, Ted Gaebler and David Osborne, who had written a book called Reinventing Government. The book was picked up big time by those charged with changing things here in the UK. Gaebler and Osborne attracted loads of interest and spawned many implementations across the… Read more

The sun sets on civil service numbers

So it looks like the National Audit Office (NAO) says Whitehall has not properly planned the cuts to civil service staffing numbers. Is this a surprise to you? And in what way was it not planned properly? Well, the NAO says 90,000 jobs were cut between 2010 and 2014, saving more than £2bn annually. But… Read more

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