Arena of Austerity: an introduction

Let battle commence!

Imagine a 21st century Roman arena with an opportunity for a million or more ‘thumbs ups’ or a million or more ‘thumbs downs’. The gladiators are you and the other public services, all fighting for survival. Those sitting in the ‘Arena of Austerity’ are the public. You will have to use all your skills and experience to be the last gladiator standing.

The Arena of Austerity is a virtual arena that draws on the power and reach of ‘crowdsourcing’ to identify and assess pitched services. This allows public sector managers to expose their services to the widest possible audience and to mine public ideas and expertise. The battle for survival is about to begin. Coming soon.

iDeeter: an introduction

A problem shared is a problem solved

Imagine harnessing the brain power of the entire world…. iDeeter is set to be the world’s largest free and open online social problem-solving platform. With ‘crowdstorming’ at its core, it combines the global reach and mobilising power of social networking, the data and analytics of search engines and the freedom of thought of individuals to raise, resolve and resource questions and problems.

iDeeter ensures that everyone’s voice is heard. Anyone can post a challenge to an online crowd or community and anyone can tweet or ‘ideet’ an idea back to help solve the problem or question – whether they are social, corporate or legislative. Visit to find out more.