Mike Gill

Mike Gill

Mike Gill is a business change and growth specialist who has worked within the public sector for over 25 years, improving the efficiency of services and delivering transformation.

How to Survive Austerity: A Manager’s Guide to Doing More With Less and Emerging as a Leader in the New Public Sector is Mike’s first book and draws on his experience over the past 25 years working with more than 200 public sector organisations to bring efficiency and performance improvement to their operations. His clients have been varied and have included health, central government, police and local government bodies. He has also been a manager of public sector services in health and local government.

The services he has advised have been diverse. They range from those that are provided directly to the public, such as refuse collection and administration of council tax collection, through to GP and complex hospital services and back-office services such as the improvement of VAT debt collection and facilities management. In fact, there are few areas of the public sector in which he has not worked.

Over the course of his career, he has attained a great understanding of the nature of public services as well as the people that work in public service. He has also developed an understanding of how improvement and efficiency can be delivered to public services.

In his words, he is ‘passionate about delivering change, developing organisations and driving business efficiency’. He has a wealth of experience delivering the strategic and operational requirements to enable change at all levels. Mike is able to do this within his three current roles, all of which ultimately support organisations and businesses – both large and small – across a range of diverse sectors.

He is Partner of Libre Advisory LLP, a leading management consultancy delivering change to UK government and health clients. Within this role he specialises in helping clients build their own capacity to deliver better services, manages projects so they deliver their intended results and supports the procurement of a wide range of services.

Mike is Operations Director of Innovation Hive (iHive), a community interest company that finds and accelerates HealthTech startups, nurturing the growth of entrepreneurs and their ideas and introducing them to investors. Mike manages the planning and delivery of all iHive’s UK programmes.

He is also Director of Ideeter, a new brainstorming, problem solving, disruptive social media platform that puts democracy (by giving everyone a voice) into innovation.

You can learn more about Mike’s views and thoughts on his blog – where he also encourages comments and feedback – and you can follow him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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