Are you ready to be cherished?

Are you ready to be cherished

If you’ve been following my blog over the last few weeks (well done – I’m glad you’re still with me) you’ll have read about the importance of being cherished – particularly for those of you who work within public services as the sector continues to face huge challenges and unprecedented cuts. Here’s my previous CHERISH post as a re-cap if you missed it.

So in the first of my two part blog on the CHERISH journey I wanted to highlight that the CHERISH programme is ultimately it’s about maximising your chances of survival. The demands of the New Public Sector will require you to make the public CHERISH your service. It’s not a single methodology or formula, as is often the way with strategic solutions and those implemented by large consultancies. CHERISH is also not rocket science. It is a collection of tips, techniques and questions spun into an easy-to-follow framework that you can deploy in a way that is appropriate to your circumstances and your service. It essentially forms the basis of my book new How to Survive Austerity but I’d like to share elements of this with you now.

It starts with ensuring you can offer a clear message about your service and it ends with you helping others to achieve the same thing once you have set your service on the path to continuous improvement. But what does making the public CHERISH your service actually mean?

Well, one definition of CHERISH is to ‘hold something dear or to protect and care for someone lovingly’. Now while actually expecting people to love public services maybe asking a little too much, we all understand the passion and call to action we feel when something dear to us is placed under threat. We have a protective instinct that motivates us to fight for what we believe to be right.

Your challenge is to motivate the public you serve to stand up and fight for your service. Over the next few weeks I’ll explain what you need to do, how you know you have been successful and what to do next. I hope you’ll join me on this journey.

How to Survive Austerity: A Manager’s Guide to Doing More with Less and Emerging as a Leader in the New Public Sector is available to buy now on Amazon.

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