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So I decided to start blogging. So I asked The Wise Friend the question all newbie bloggers will surely ask: “What should my first post be about?” TWF gave me four key pointers as follows:

  1. Who am I?
  2. Why I am blogging?
  3. What I will be blogging about?
  4. Can readers contribute feedback?

Who Am I? TWF told me to mention my business, include pictures and talk about me. So my name is Mike Gill (and I feel THE Mike Gill hence the blog name). I was born in Durham, live in Edinburgh and work across the UK. I am a business change consultant and small business growth specialist.

My work life involves delivering “more for less” and making things more efficient. And trying to join things up that are not currently joined up. I have worked in industry, local government, central government and health. I currently have three roles, which are as follows:

  1. Partner of a change consultancy called Libre which delivers improvements to UK government and health.
  2. Operations Director of Innovation Hive (iHive) that accelerates health startups and introduces them to investors.
  3. Director of Aragon Ventures working with organisations wanting to establish and develop a UK and European presence.

And I’ve added a picture so you can see I exist.

Why Am I Blogging? TWF said to spell out my blogging intentions. I have more than 25 years experience delivering change and helping people improve things. People continue to ask me to help them figure out ways they can improve. So I have many lessons, tips and techniques I want to impart on that subject.

I am blogging to pass on the things I have seen, my experiences and insights on what works and what does not improving public services and developing businesses. So this blog will help you develop your own capacity, help you question what is happening around you today and help you understand what to do about it.

What Will I Be Blogging About? I have developed 6 categories I will be blogging about which you can see on the site. They include issues about austerity in UK public services, issues that impede change and issues that make change sustainable.

Can Readers Contribute Feedback? TWF said reader may want to comment, email me or contact me on social media. So please contact me as you want and give me some comments and an opposite view if you think I am wrong. So a long first post but thanks for reading this far and I hope TWF approves.

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