What now for public sector managers?

Public sector managers are the backbone of public service delivery but they now face the greatest challenge of their career because of the driving cuts and planned austerity measures.

The recent push by government to implement austerity across the UK has involved reducing the scale and scope of public services. The election of a new government in May last year, that appears determined to drive through further reductions, brings even greater challenge and threat to those working within the sector.

I’m sure most managers of public services already know exactly what they deliver and how much it costs. What they now need to learn is how to present that information in a way that the average person, unfamiliar with the language and systems of the public sector, can understand. The New Public Sector demands them to find ways to engage with people, to excite, engage and capture the enthusiasm of the public. It’s not easy, but it’s something thousands and thousands of people in businesses big and small do every single day. To public sector managers reading this – you need to become one of those people.

Austerity challenges the claims of your staff to a future in public service. And most importantly, austerity challenges the very future of the service you hold dear and the delivery of services to people who really need them.

The result of this – the New Public Sector is typified by the public being more aware of what they are paying for and caring more about the services they truly value. It’s therefore vital that you present your service in the best way and help you ensure everyone understands what you do, how much it costs and why they should ‘CHERISH’ your service (for more details see the seven step programme I outlined in last week’s blog).

It’s not an easy task but it is achievable.

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